PBO members Patrick Green and Eleanor Caves have been working with a graduate-student-led outreach organization to improve science education in North Carolina.

Patrick and Eleanor are members of the leadership team of SciREN – the Scientific Research and Education Network. SciREN works to connect university researchers to K-12 educators, with the goal of helping educators teach current research in their classroom. SciREN helps researchers create lesson plans that involve their work and reach NC educational standards. Then, SciREN hosts yearly networking events, where researchers share these plans with educators. Educators are able to access plans for free via an online portal. In 2015, SciREN even secured $1700 in funding to give teachers the materials they need to make these lessons a reality!

In addition to Patrick and Eleanor, other PBO members, including Lindsay Waldrop (UNC, Miller Lab) and Jeff LaCosse (Duke, Patek Lab and Jordan High School) presented lesson plans at the most recent SciREN Triangle Event. SciREN has seen growing participation from engineers, physicists, and biomechanists, and SciREN is now incorporated into the Duke Boeing Fellows program for undergraduate engineers.

The next SciREN Triangle event will be on September 9th, 2016, at the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences. Please contact Patrick (patrick.a.green@duke.edu) or check out the SciREN website if you are interested in participating!

I couldn’t find a picture of anyone from PBO in particular, but here is a link to a cool time-lapse of the 2014 event