A significant birthplace for the field of biomechanics, a remarkable number of biologists began various stages of their careers in this area and have continued to make impacts in the areas of physical biology and biomechanics.

This is a partial list of former students in comparative biomechanics at Duke (Zoology and Biology) between about 1965 and 2005 who continued on to academic careers.

Duke Professor Emeritus Steve Wainwright's former students:

John M. Gosline* University of British Columbia
Mimi A. R. Koehl* University of California, Berkeley
Michael LaBarbera* University of Chicago
William M. Kier* University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
Janice Voltzow* University of Scranton
D. Ann Pabst* University of North Carolina, Wilmington
Mark W. Westneat Field Museum of Natural History
Anne Moore University of the Pacific
John H. Long, Jr.* Vassar College
Gail Grabowski Chaminade University
Gordon Murdock Bell Museum of Natural History

Duke Professor Emeritus Steve Vogel's former students:

Thomas L. Daniel* University of Washington
Olaf J. W. Ellers Bowdoin College
David E. Alexander University of Kansas
Catherine Loudon University of California, Irvine
Laura A. Miller University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

Other Ph.D. students

Barbara Block* Stanford University (Schmidt-Nielsen, advisor)
Sheila Patek Duke University (Nowicki, advisor)

Undergraduates launched into comparative biomechanics and related academic work:

Charles P. Ellington, Jr.* Cambridge University
Robert Dudley* University of California, Berkeley
Mark W. Denny* Stanford University
Joel Kingsolver* University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
Andrew Biewener* Harvard University
John J. Socha Virginia Polytechnical Inst and University

Winners of MacArthur "Genius" Awards:

Barbara Block, Stanford University
Mimi A. R. Koehl, University of California Berkeley
Thomas Daniel, University of Washington

Fellow of the Royal Society of London:

Charles Ellington, University of Cambridge

* Now full or chaired professors (including emeriti)